Intergalactic Super Blood Moon Eclipse Fondo

Sunday, September 27th, 8:00pm

Attn intergalactic pilots: it's the full moon, and then not, and then it will be again. As such, a great pagan sacrifice ritual and erotic masquerade party/Night-bike ride will take place when celestial bodies align this Sunday at 8pm. Ye olde moser creek trailhead in the hyalite solar system. To the sourdough parking lot. Lights, helmuts, and appropriate attire are strongly recommended.



Black with white and orange Giant TCX Rabobank edition, custom built. It's a single ring in the front, different from the picture, and 10 speed in the back with a SRAM X9 derailleur. It's got black Continental slick tires with orange highlights on them now.  If you have information regarding this bike please e-mail The Bozeman Fix (address at bottom left hand side of this page).  

Pedaling Nowhere

2015 Morganzo 55: Double Nickels on the Grime


Here's the writeup of the inaugural event in 2012.  If you're into the whole FaceSpace thing, click "like" or "going" or whatever at this link.  

The Epic "Inspired to Ride" Film to Play in Bozeman

From the filmmakers who brought you "Ride the Divide" and "Reveal the Path" comes

An epic adventure following cyclists as they tackle the enormous 4,233 mile Trans Am Bike Race self-supported, racing 300 miles a day.  Tickets MUST BE PRE-ORDERED to secure the venue so order now.

Wednesday, June 10 7:30pm
Regal Gallatin Valley Cinemas

STOLEN BIKE ALERT - Red Trek Mountain Bike

Stolen bike on right

Someone stole my red Trek Mountain bike out of my yard this weekend : (. This bike was my moms in college and it is one of the most important things that I own. Please keep an eye out for it!  Stolen off of N. 9th Ave.  If anyone sees it please [e-mail The Bozeman Fix - link on left side of page]. - Carly H.