Ahh...the start of something beautiful.
Tonight, after a couple ofyears of dreaming and a couple of months of sweet-talking I finally have, in my kitchen, a good and proper kegerator. The fridge, free. Kegs, procured cheaply. CO2 tank, regulator, and faucet, borrowed. RaceFace Turbine LP tap handle, well...good friends forgive.
I now have an IPA in the keg, intended to be a moderately strong (6%) and hoppy beer. However, I made two changes from my normal fermentation routine. I lent out my normal 6gal primary and had to use a 5gal with a blowoff hose. No big deal. I then left the carboy in the kitchen instead of the basement, subjecting the beer to 20 degree temp. swings throughout the day. Anyway, the result is a sweet, viscous, incompletely fermented beer that falls well under the legal limit in Utah. Damn. At least it will make a good breakfast beer.


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