Bicycles vs. Guitars


sEthanol said...

This guy must get so much action.

samh said...

Wow. I can't even imagine how much of a player he must be.

Craig Carlson said...

beers not gears!

Anonymous said...

that is so untrue I gagged when I read it. perhaps being bod weir on a bike is almost as good... If this were in fact the case, I would have to carry a bludgeon to beat the ladies off.


Anonymous said...

PS: someone stole my clunker, I would like to put out an apb, but I have no idea how... your email don't work. it would go something like this....

Some cocksmoker stole my cruiser off my porch friday night-
-rollfast cruiser frame, painted blue green (over a coat of red) -bladed fork,
-skinny seatpost w/ brooks saddle
- had red bars with green grips
-red anodized pedals
-back wheel painted glow-in-the-dark!

Maybe you could link some pics from the clunker DH?


If you see bike call me 579 9904, if someone not me is on it pretend in your own mind that its your bike, ie, swing first, ask questions later.

Anonymous said...

DNA, can I get my own page post for my stolen bike bidness? I'm feeling optimistic since the Chelsea sighting.

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