Come Play Polo.

Ok, kids. Wednesday night Polo has been off-the-fucking-hook but it's starting to get dark too soon to get enough real games in. So we are adding Sunday afternoon games to the schedule. 4pm at the Bogert pavilion where hopefully we can play well into the fall, or at least until the hockey rink is put up. If Bogert is problematic we'll resume play at the Hawthorne school.

Also, SamH started a Bozeman page at the site, which has (thankfully) replaced MySpace as the international bike polo informaiton exchange. Go there, join, start some shit.

We've also got a local page dedicated to Bike Polo in Bozeman. John C put together a Ning site for us, and that's where the most current local Polo information is going to be. Go there. Now.

That's all for now.



OfftheRail said...

Just thought I'd let you all know... we've planned our next tournament for October 25th in Moscow Idaho. Check out:

for more information. Two divisions available, collegiate and open. We're hoping to have teams from all over the northwest... Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Boise, and of course Moscow and Pullman. Hope you can make it!

Spread the word, too!

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