Epicly Rapha cyclcocross hipster.

I thought that I could hide it, though now you all must know the truth. This actually IS what my friends and I talk about before going and racing 'cross.

Also, this is how my friends and I, BACK EAST BRO!.... uhh... get pumped for some epic epicing.

*note: I actually owned a long sleeve jersey from Rapha that I got on sale at the end of last winter. I toured in it during the summer and it was rarely off my back, (since I started in April it was bit chilly on the morning starts and the Adirondaks were cold as hell). I can honestly say that though their products cost a little more than an arm and a leg, that jersey was hands down the best piece of cycling apparel that I have ever owned. Im bummed that the paramedics had to cut it off my body. Rapha does love their epicness.


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