Bear Canyon

I know this is a bike blog and what not. However, I know almost all of you do some sort of snow-sliding activity so here is some footage from this past weekend. We went up into Bear Canyon and tested out the zip-line. The shots came out pretty neat though the landing for the log jam was flatter that flat. I landed this trick and was pretty much over it for the day. After that we hiked up a bit farther and got some sweet runs plus some goggle-free face shots!


samh said...

Less rails, more powder. Sweet camera angle though.

not andrew said...

haha Yeah yeah... I was waiting for that. I said we got some powder, though our filmer didn't hike up with us for that. Plus its a tree, all-natu-ral ...nature bro! I think I am gunna be able to swing a mid-week to Birdger, so we should board.

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