What are you?

Hipster, trendy, skater, what-the-fuck-ever-- everyone seems to come with a pre-attachted label these days. Well, incase you are unable to come to a consensus with your friends over which social niche you or that kid with the flashy bike would be categorized under, I have unearthed some interesting data. I hope that this will clarify some issues as well as open up new grounds to social stereotyping.

Over Christmas break I was visiting my friend at his mall job. My friend works for a certain, "action sports" clothing store that shall remain nameless. During my visit I came upon a special binder, the contents of which I found too good to be true. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, however, is the evidence of this binder to say that all these social stereotypes were in fact invented by the corporate companies that now dominate the, "action sports" scene of today?

Fuck yeah I a.... uuh
eeehh... Kinda?
Whats up with those jeans? Their all...huge.
BINGO!!! Good to be home.
So what does this mean? In my opinion, nothing. It just goes to show that some corporate mall company has taken initiative to categorize all the different looking people that walk into their stores-- ultimately in an attempt to further their sales by appealing to each individual group. Cool, its marketing. Happens all the times for pretty much EVERYTHING. I guess what I really found remarkable was the word, "Hipster" written down in big bold letters, like a chapter in a science book. I know people don't go around saying, "Hey, look at that All American Surf /Skate kid." Though the word, "Hipster" gets tossed around more than a beach ball at a Nickleback concert.
So what are you? None of these? Well thats fine, Im sure we could find your style in some catalog. Again, that really doesn't mean much. I think the main point that I take away from this discovery is this: humans LOVE to categorize things. So no matter what it is, or what role it plays in society-- its gunna get a category, a niche, a label. I used to fight it. The labels had such a sting, such a negative connotation. Well, no more. Im down, call me what you like. I am what I am. I like the clothes I wear, I like the activities that I do, and if these come with a label that can be looked up in a mall, "style guide" so be it. I can't speak for kids that look like me, smoke cigs and act like they are oh so too cool for school. Is the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover" too cheesy of an ending? Well who cares?! Live free, and PARTY...or don't. Just don't cramp my style MANG. *Oh for anyone that reads this blog, and doesn't know who I am or what I look like-- Hipster-- All the way to the right. Minus facial hair.

The Bozeman HipSTAR

see what I did there ?


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