Check this out you bike geeks!

I've resisted posting so many videos so as not to push the Alley Cat post down the blog. But this one is too interesting not to post.

It's been 5 years in development, but the cobra tube is now out there on the market. It's another testament to how lazy the BMX world is, but how that pushes it to be stronger and simpler.

I can't wait for the fixters to catch onto this one (in another three years).

The cobra tube from Flybikes on Vimeo.


samh said...

I carry an adjustable wrench.

Singletrack Mind said...

I hate to argue with you H (actually I love to argue with you), but that guy doesn't carry anything but a tube, and a pump. #HeWinsWeLose

Hendrik Morkel said...

Very cool indeed. So can I get them already in Finland?!

Joe Newton said...

I once watched my friend replace his punctured BMX inner-tube with grass and carry on pulling 720s at the trails. I also saw him use butter instead of grease when repacking a headset. After an hour at the skatepark his bike smelled like toast.

Lazy? Maybe, but then it's always taken me ages to get the chain-line perfect on bikes with horizontal drop-outs, especially on a thrashed BMX. If I need to change a tube then it'd be neat not to have to remove the wheel.

samh said...

Mmmmmm... toast.

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