Bozeman. Raise your glasses. Tip your hats

John Friedrich is leaving Bozeman to start his new job with Specialized Bicycles. We here at The Bozeman Fix are going to miss him. Shit, he started this blog, if you read it, you are going to miss him too.

Mr. Friedrich has been an integral part of the Bozeman Bicycle scene for the past decade. He is responsible for singlehandedly facilitating an alleycat scene in Bozeman, and Bozeman Bike Polo, and Bozeman's too-short-lived GoldSprint series, as well as being an integral member of The Dirt Concern, and actively advocating for The Montana Mountain Bike Alliance. He is also one of the finest bike mechanics Bozeman has.

We could go on and on listing John's bicycle bona fides, but the fact remains, that while we are happy for him, we are losing a very good friend.

Enjoy Northern California John! The Bozeman bike geeks raise their glasses and tip their hats to you.



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