The Fixie Sixty (2) Race Video

The Fixie Sixty (2) race went off on September 25th, 2010 with beautiful weather, a quality turnout, and a trying course, all followed up with a couple pints of good beer.  Racers Sam and Ned carried video cameras and captured some footage of the race.  Check out the 4:15 piece edited and posted by Sam.

Fixie Sixty (2) on Vimeo.

Race Results:
  1. Andrew 
  2. Josh 
  3. Sam 
  4. Ned 
  5. Mike 
  6. Ben 
  7. Justin 
  8. Alice 
  9. Reuben (DNF)
  10. Brian (DNF)
Race Sign-Up Sheet

 Less Gears More Beers


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