Lost Stolen Bicycle Alert - Blue Peugot Fixed Gear

Kids, don't use alcohol.  It makes you VERY forgetful. It may also cause you to grow a hippie beard and raise goats for milk on a farm outside of town where you sometimes need to get a ride to when you're drunk, causing you to leave your bicycle someplace and think it's stolen.

Lost Stolen from the Emerson Cultural Center on MSU Campus in Bozeman, Montana on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Brand: Peugeot
Model: fixed gear
Color: powder blue with orange stripes
Wheels: 700c deep v
Handlebars: bullhorns (one black, one blue)
Saddle: black and grey

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this bicycle please contact the webmaster there's no need to tell us because the bicycle has been found.


Capt. E said...

Nash said he saw it on campus today, locked outside the sub.

samh said...

Yep, I got an email from Ryan about 30 minutes after I posted this that said Nash told him where it was.

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