Overcome by Waves of Redundancy and Repetition and Redundancy

The following is plagiarized from Bike Snob NYC.

A grin from the face of solitude captivates Every Day to be the best of very bests.
The town and the city enrapture its very being of existence.
A new route or a constant stream of consciousness are the dreams that lift it over a rise or river as the world changes all around.
Every Day complements this potential and greatness to come from the very legs that give it life.
Ride on. Sun. Rain. Smile. Every Day.



Yes, the ride of the "Every Day" is so transcendent that it will cause the forces of prose and grammar to collapse on themselves like a scene from "Inception," and you will be overcome by waves of redundancy and repetition and redundancy, all while pedaling eternally and endlessly in circular circles towards some blissful horizon on the horizon where there is a store inside of which they sell really expensive coffee, exotic cheeses, and olives priced individually.

And then, when you return to your bicycle with your hemp shopping bag full of coffee, and chesses, and olives, you will find that the bicycle is gone, for it has been stolen, never to be seen again.


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