Hardcourt Bike Polo - Thursday April 7th at 6pm


We're getting amped to play some hardcourt bike polo and as such have scheduled the first game of the season for THURSDAY, APRIL 7TH starting at 6:00 PM.  We'll be gathering on the playground behind HAWTHORNE SCHOOL located at the corner of Rouse and Mendenhall.  The weather is very fickle in Montana this time of year but we've been known to play in a little rain or snow.  If there is a full on blizzard occurring don't bother coming down, but if the weather is doing a balancing act between rain, sun, snow, etc then put on your trusty rain jacket, rubber boots, and come join us. 

If you're new to bike polo we're a bunch of outgoing, friendly people who will happily lend you a bicycle, mallet, and give you whatever sort of hand-holding you might need to learn how to play.  It's early in the season so we'll be certain to play some beginner games where we focus on people learning the sport rather than winning.  Things to consider bringing if you have them are a bicycle that can get beat up (don't worry, we'll have some to lend out if you only have a nice bike), a helmet, closed-toe shoes, long pants, long shirt, and good vibes.  If you're a little afraid to come join some new people, consider bringing a friend.  We really, really, really want to get some good turnouts of people to play polo this year.  Join us!

THURSDAY, APRIL 7TH starting at 6:00 PM there will be HARDCOURT BIKE POLO on the playground behind HAWTHORNE SCHOOL. 

See you Thursday,
The Bozeman Fix


jondub said...

Whoo yeah! Bike polo!!

Screw getting up early and hiking to ski corn, it's all about playing polo in the evenings!

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