only in San Fransisco

This video is so full of artists that I got a confused a few times. Is the "organic" "environment" that the riders will be riding the same as the ramps, or will they simply be hanging their fixed gears on the walls as if they were also art?

So confusing! The one thing that is more confusing to me is why these dudes aren't riding bmx? I know there is a separation with the whole fixed/free thing, but dude come on. I've seen 12 year olds getting more air on their walmart bikes than these dudes on their $3000 fixed/freestyle bikes.

But at least their riding and having fun on bikes. I can't get too mad at them for that, even though peg grinds with 700c wheels are still stupid.


samh said...

Please, stop talking and just ride your fucking bikes. Seriously. It's not art. It's not action. It's not some amazing break through. Ride your bike and shut up.

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