Riding Bikes is Awesome

Putting Adventure Cycling on the Map from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.

This video is rad and so if the Adventure Cycling Association. I wish they were in Bozeman and not Missoula.

And with all the warm weather we are going to be getting in the next ten days we might as well go for a ride: 

Group Ride, Sunday 2/12/12, @ 4pm
Meet at Heebs 
We'll be riding road, trail and dirt roads (mostly trail system) so bring an appropriate bike.


SingletrackM1nd said...

You should all come to Missoula.

samh said...

The instructions clearly state that YOU need to come to Heebs. Not US to Missoula.

Kirk said...

Heebs is clearly where it's at. I'm in.

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