330-lb Cyclocross Racer

via Adventure Journal
Perhaps the most inspiring story you’ll ever hear on National Public Radio is that of Ernest Gagnon, who just raced his first cyclocross event. Two years ago, the Massachusetts man weighed 570 pounds. He was embarrassed to be seen in public. He had diabetes. Circulation in his legs was going. Doctors wanted to do gastric bypass surgery. Instead, he chose to chase after a childhood dream — to race bikes. He started contacting people on Facebook out of the blue to ride, and in the last 24 months has lost 240 pounds. Recently, the 33-year-old signed up for the Midnight Ride of Cyclocross, threw on the Lycra, and saddled up his reinforced titanium steed. To the cheers of the crowd and the announcer, he finished. Yes, last. But is there anyone on the planet, least of all Gagnon, who thinks that matters. Of course not. What a stud. Click on over to NPR to hear it. There’s a transcript you can read, but New Hampshire Public Radio reporter Sam Evans-Brown is himself a roadie and did a terrific job. Do yourself the favor and listen to the audio. From NPR.


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