Stolen in Bozeman, May 21st
The bike is a Pinarello FP5, Blue and white with Dura Ace components. 
I am training for my first ever IRONMAN event, one third of the race is riding 112 miles soo I thought I should get myself a good bike to train and race with. I got the bike about a month ago. Retails for about $3000. I rode 500 Miles on it in the last 15 days hoping to hit 1000 for the month of may.
The story of how it was stolen:
On May 21st I set out to do an epic ride. I rode from my house to the hyalite reservoir and down 4 times. Totaling 86 miles and 7100 vertical feet. As I make my journey home I go through a bit of mud and realize I shouldn't take my bike inside my house (where I always keep it) until I clean it. So I decided to put it in my garage. The next morning I wake up for my swim and go out to the garage where my car is parked. I open the back door and casually glance down to baby blue (that is what I call my bike)...I froze and almost broke down crying realizing someone had stolen it. I notice the main door is wide open, and I made sure to close it the night before. My thought is someone was eyeing that bike for some time now and finally had there chance to sneak in on that windy night and escape through the main door. Nothing else was missing...just baby blue.
If you have information regarding this theft please e-mail using the address located at the bottom left of this page.  


Anonymous said...

I had my bike stolen off the top of my car over 10 years ago and I'm still hunting the bastard. It's something you just don't get over. I hope you find your bike and what's left of the scum that took it.

Anonymous said...

Thought this might help you feel better... Good luck! Give him a good kidney punch if you find him!

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