Next Race!

I found out yesterday that the next Bozeman Alleycat is going to be held on Sunday, December 3rd. John (with the old carbon epic), winner of the last race poked his head in the door and informed me of this. That's how we do things 'round here, folks. You win, you organize the next race. Or convince someone else to. Also for the next race we expect to see an addition from Sethela to the Moxie Prize.
In other updates, I look forward to stopping by Trackstar and NYC Velo in the Big Apple this coming Monday. Maybe there will be something to entice people to come to future races!
Otherwise, See you on the 3rd!

In the Homebrew section of the report, Sethela and I had a brew day at his place this past Sunday. As my car battery was dead I did the sensible thing and loaded my 6 gallon carboy, 5 gallon pot and a couple of 6-packs of beer on the long bike and pedaled my ass over. A Maerzen (oktoberfest) was boiled and is now happily fermenting away. Seth was working on a more-than-mini-mash-but-not-full-grain ridiculously hoppy IPA with copious amounts of Summit and Willamette hops. Pucker! I sampled a bottle of my IPA yesterday, it tasted good, with a nicely pronounced bitterness but without enough carbonation yet. Hopefully with some carbonation the aroma from the Fuggles hops will come through.
Updates will be forthcoming, unless nobody gives a shit.


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