Race Results from the 10/29 Bozeman alleycat

Captain Entropy's race this past sunday had a great turnout (relatively speaking). 15 or so people arrived to try this whole 'alleycat' thing. I was quite impressed with how close everyone finished, meaning that just about all rode fast and took chances. Sadly, only two were in costumes. Sethela had his bike fairy gig, which was a hit in the Co-op (stop #2, manned by the Rob-ot), as he advised the perplexed patrons to "have a magical day". Your humble correspondent (uhh...me) was decked out with a swanky sweater vest and some polyester pants. The pants were thought to not breathe very well, as an apparent case of swampass had set in halfway through the race. This was held as fact until well after the race (but not the revelry) had finished and the swampass culprit was found to be a punctured can of PBR in my bag.......one for my homies.
The finishers:
  1. Julie
  2. Karla "please buy his trials bike" S.
  3. Bizzle fa Shizzle
  1. John with the old carbon Epic
  2. Mr DNA
  3. the guy with the single speed cross bike
Moxie Award

if anyone knows the the proper names of those I have no names for, let me know. You know where to find me.


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