It's about friggin' time!

It's been awhile. Sorry.
OK, now that that is out of the way, let's get to the business at hand. Riding. Fast. Drinking. Alleycat. Pubride. St. Patty's Day, conveniently located on a Saturday this year, is host to a veritable plethora of festivities that include both the noblest inventions: Bikes and Beer. Firstly, for sping break I am planning on traveling ten hours south to finally ride Moab. For sixteen years I've been an avid mountain biker, more for cycling in general, and I have yet to experience what Mormon-and-Mountain Bike influenced red rock has to offer. And considering that I am newly (as of July past) free, I decided that it has already been too long for me to not have traveled south on a pilgrimage to my Mecca. The narrative does not stop there, I have decided (pretty much so) that after riding in Moab for a few days, I will then speed (as fast as Sizzle the Subaru will allow) forthwith to Boise for yet another Warlocks Bike Club event: Liverdance 2. A St. Patty's Day alleycat in Boise at 3pm. The reason for me putting this down here is to inform the limited yet tight-knit Bozeman Fixed-Gear community of this celebration. If you can't make it to Moab the week previous, try to make it to Boise for the Alleycat, it will be well worth your effort.

And if you don't feel like it, Dirty Pete is putting on a Pubride in Bozeman.

That is all for now, don't expect any more until after I'm back.


tkinthemsla said...

Holla to this sexy blog. I am a Missoulian but obviously jealous of your efforts in Bozeman to bring bikers together. I am currently on the hunt for a perfect frame/bike to put together for a fixed. If anyone can give me advise on where to look it would be greatly appreciated.

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