Moab Trip Report

Moab report, finally!
Saturday morning, 7am. I started loading up SIzzle the Subaru for a hasty getaway after work. I managed to cram enough stuff in the car so that it looked like I was moving out, especially when Dirty Pete's bouldering crash pad topped off the back. No, I couldn't see out the back window. All that stuff for one person? Isn't that excessive? Maybe, but this was my vacation, dammit...and I aim to live large.
Sunday Morning, 10 am. Arrive in Moab. Sizzle performed flawlessly, giving me 28mpg in exchange for driving less than 70. Met C-note and B-wrecked at Poison Spider Cycles right on main street. They're a good shop- The Aquabats were playing on the shop stereo and we got the beta on the new "SuperSecretNobodyKnowsAboutIt" Sovereign Trail. Headed to the campsite (awesome) and got ready for a ride. We headed up the Salt Flats Recreation Area past the 2nd most scenic dump in the US and rode the Martian terrain of Slickrock. This was my first experience with this stuff- and it's amazing! It's nothing but undulating hills of 60-grit sandpaper! We found that traction ran out when the slope got to about 45 degrees. A good ride.
I will update this later.


Casey said...

Zero Fun!!! Can't wait to not do that trip again in September.

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