Bike Polo Reminder!

Tonight, 6:30. Bogert Park Pavilion, off South Church (by the swimming pool). Bring yourself, a bike that can be beat on a bit, and whatever you want to drink. We'll have the mallets and ball. In the event that the pavilion is in use, we will drive them off..easy, since we'll have MALLETS. Kidding, we'll go to the Tennis court there that doesn't appear to be used for tennis, and if that doesn't work there's always the parking lot on north 17th.
See you there!


Wiley said...

I was there for the polo and it's not as uppity as you'd think. Someone did make a snide comment about the ascot I was wearing but I think that was only because I'd neglected to wear pants on account of the butler. Sillio me.

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