The UnBirthday AlleyCat

It was a hot dusty afternoon, the sun high overhead beating mercilessly down on the pavement. Temps were in the low 90's as we gathered for the Unbirthday Alleycat in Cooper Park on the South side of Bozeman. A Typical Bozeman summer, hot and dry! But at least it wasn't windy. Its hard to talk most locals into sweating on a bike for an hour and a half when they could be floating on the river. But we're Montanan's, we take our weather in extremes.
For all the heat one thing is for sure, we are growing a bike community in Bozeman. There were 18 fools who turned out for the Unbirthday Alley Cat on July 1st. The course this go round was one of hills and dirt with a bit-o-pavement in the middle. With bobbing for carrots(I use the term boobing loosely as carrots don't float), running around the Bozeman Public Library, and in general pedaling your ass off it was a triathacat to be sure. The carrot debacle was simple. Carrots don't float, as I now am fully aware. One had to plunge headlong in to the bucket to get a carrot, usually resulting in being soaked to the sholders. Bigggg props to Molly who enforced the dunking contest.
Two flat tires were incurred, one of which earned Elizabeth the coveted Moxy award. She nearly finished and would have put a fair whoppin on her hubby Sethala too! Dirty Pete had to run an extra mile to fetch some rubber that would roll. Mikey came all the way from NYC to race, he forgot his bike though. He had to throw one together at the last minute and it came out sweeter than a milano cookie. The First place finisher was none other than mrDNA himself Johnny F. We have since determined that he's been on the Juice and his racing licence is in suspension. Sorry F.

Thanks to all who help our events go off. All those who ran stops, danka. Big thanks to Insty Prints Bozeman for the spoke cards, they came out great. If you missed the race, stay tuned. You will have a chance to test your mettle come late August, early September.

Pictures can be found here.




Anonymous said...

I vote that that there foto should be the next spoke card. Thanks for putting on another fun event!

Singletrack Mind said...

I disagree. It's bad enough that that face of mine has been plastered on digital media. To display it in analog form might just start a chain reaction that would tear a hole in the time/space continuum the likes of which only Doc Brown could conceive of or contain.

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