After four weeks of friendly bike polo, four weeks of not causing any problems, four weeks of two-wheeled fellowship somebody finally called to complain about some people having innocent fun. Officially, we are not allowed to play at the Bogert pavilion on Wednesdays and not past 8. We've been playing only on Wednesdays until 9:30. Yes, contrary to the letter of the law, but there exist those who are perpetually displeased with their lives and must drag others down to their level of ongoing misery.
I'll stop there. This level of bitterness is not beneficial to anyone.
So, we are currently on the prowl for a new venue to partake in our innocent and non-malicious bike games. Enter the perennially unused parking garage behind the Baxter hotel. Tonight we swept. Tomorrow we will do the same. Saturday as well, if needed. And Sunday evening, probably around 5, bike polo in Bozeman will resume.
I WILL see you there!


Seth said...

Dear Sir,
Are you insinuating that the gentleman in the photo is lame? Why, he looks to be a fine specimen, some might say in his prime! Both of his legs appear to be in perfect working order. Certainly not "lame" as you put it.

P.S. Damn the Man!

Singletrack Mind said...

If this is your first night at fight have to fight!

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