Whats the 1st Rule About Bike Club?

We don't talk about bike club! We just show up, and have an alleycat. Sunday August 26th, a day that will live in infamy, or a least a day that proved that we do have a good thing going. The second summer alleycat in Bozeman was a rolling success. Nigh on 30 participants showed at Cooper park for their chance to claim the victory. A very respectable turnout for a former Montana cow-town.
At first there were groans as to the length of the course but as the racers settled down and started planning their routes it soon became apparent that this course would be one for the records. Its not as easy as you might think to get an alleycat to last more than an hour for the winner and still be less than three for DFL. There were scrapes, brushes with fences, a mishap with a sidewalk exit ramp, but for the most part all faired well. Headwind made a cameo appearance, sauntering in fashionably late, at a brisk 15mph out of the west. For the unlucky fools who chose to take the interstate (I am still laughing about that) from N. 17th to N. 19th I have two words for you "BAXTER LANE".
The winner, the pedal pusher extrodinaire, chief wheelman........Dasiy! Oops, I mean Dallas. Well, he was wearing a dress.

Thanks to all the sponsors, and I mean all. We had alot. Be sure to stop in an thank them for supporting the lunatic fringe......ok, maybe just say thank you for supporting cycling in Bozeman.

To all who missed it, tune in in October.

Pics can be found below

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Here's another link to pictures.


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