The Martini. A classic cocktail that has its devotees and it detractors. Some consider any drink with gin (or vodka) and some other flavoring agents to be a "Martini" while purists (like myself) consider anything other than gin and dry vermouth to be decidedly NOT a Martini. Apparently, Hemingway fancied a version of the classic called the Montgomery, a dry Martini made with a 15:1 ratio of gin to vermouth. Nixon favored a 7 to 1 ratio, while Luis Bunuel felt that a proper Martini was made when a glass of gin was placed next to a bottle of vermouth such that sunlight coursing through said vermouth would touch upon the glass of gin. This is remarkably similar to Captain E's recipe for a dry Martini, where one glares menacingly at an empty bottle of dry vermouth whilst stirring gin with ice.
Whatever route you take to happen upon the perfect Martini, please take care to use only gin and not fall prey to the revisionist's version with vodka. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Most efficient Martini recipe: empty fluid from olive jar, replace with vermouth, leave for 24hrs or more. Chill gin, add olive. Val

Anonymous said...

Most effiecient Martini recipie: empty fluid from jar of olives, replace with vermouth and leave for 24 hrs or longer. Chill gin, add olive. Val

Mr DNA said...

That sounds good, except that I have a particularly strong distaste for olives. A twist of lime, particularly a fresh key lime is what I use. It looks especially nice surrounded by ephemeral ice crystals in my $2 blue martini glass.

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