Summer just arrived, the weather is beautiful, trails are opening up and for once, it's not (currently) windy. The 24 hour Rapleje race is currently in progress and about half of the local cycling community is over there.
And I'll be working on my car. After going car-free for nearly a year I got a good deal on a well-made car that gets great mileage. Unfortunately I have no idea when the timing belt was changed last, and with 307,000 miles on the clock, it's probably prudent to replace it before I am forced to go car-free once again.

Get out there and ride, folks. I'll be with you in spirit. *sniff*


Anonymous said...

this post is worthless w/o pics!

I'll see your timing belt and raise you an infected gallbladder ectomy.

Singletrack Mind said...

I hate to break it to you DNA, but I think he wins. Hope you feel better anon.

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