Woohoo! Living large, car camping with bikes. 2 trailers, 1 Big Dummy, 1 Xtracycle, 4 steaks, 20 cans of beer, 2 boxes of wine, 2 cans of bear spray, and 10 miles to go into National Forest up towards Mystic Lake. One fantastic night.


john said...

Did you see the big dummy build up on the surly blog?

john said...

There's two of us!

Mr DNA said...

John #1:
Yes, I did. I'm honored that they chose to put it up there, and that they liked the soundtrack in ours better, but I gotta disagree with their comments about clamping the frame. On a steel frame, there's no problem with clamping the frame as long as you don't crank it down. I don't normally do that, mainly out of respect for the sanctity of the paint job but there's no risk in damaging a burly steel frame as long as one doesn't over-do it. Any lightweight frames, then no. But the Dummy ain't too light or fragile.
"If you're gonna be dumb, you'd better be tough."

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