Idaho Stops Coming To Montana?

Says Robin Hamilton, sponsor of HB68, which would legalize Idaho-style stops: " I think it’s going to die. The cycling community didn’t show up at the hearing to support it."

Huh? Mr. Hamilton, next time you introduce a bill that directly involves Montana's cycling community maybe do a Google Search for cycling groups in Montana and maybe send out a couple of emails. I found out about this from someone on Twitter who's in Portland!

Ok, so now that I've got that out of the way, HB 68 is an attempt to emulate a law that Idaho has had on the books for 27 years. Under the law, bikes are allowed to roll through stop signs (provided it's safe...duh) as if they are yield signs. Essentially, this legalizes how most people ride, and I'm fine with that despite my normal position that the fewer special rules for bikes, the better. As far as I know, they are not attempting to include wording that allows cyclists to treat red lights like stop signs (as in Idaho).

Anyway, here's the original bill (pdf), and a list of representatives, so you can find yours.
Send out some emails, show our representatives that yes, cyclists do give a shit!



samh said...

Bozeman Residents, here is the information you need to know:

Rep: JP POomnichowski (D)
Bill: Montana House Bill HB 68

Mr DNA said...

Thanks, Sam.

reuben said...

JP is the rep for the district out where I live district 63. The other Bozeman reps are:

HD 64 Frank Wilmer
HD 65 Brady Wiseman
HD 66 Mike Phillips

Those are the 3 for the City of Bozeman. Then NW of town and Belgrade:

HD 67 Gordan Vance

Sorry I didn't dig up their emails.

Jason Karp said...

I sent an email to Gordy Vance asking him to support the bill. I was surprised to see it was introduced. I hope it isn't too late to make an impression.

samh said...

Thanks, Reuben and Jason.

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