The Year in Review

Bozeman Bike Polo 2008 - the year in review.

i <3 Bozeman Bike Polo


Singletrack Mind said...

Wow. That's SOOOOO awesome!! And SOOOO gay.

samh said...

Yes, leave it to the Cherokee driving prophet to prove that people who ride bicycles are faggots. Who am I to work against the words of the prophet?

Singletrack Mind said...

This really needs a soundtrack tho. "Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends...?"

Or, maybe some ABBA? Although last night I remember Wiley saying something about killing people who listen to ABBA, so maybe not...

samh said...

Use this Bike Snob NYC trick:

1. Open a new tab and find a Youtube video with an acceptable soundtrack.

2. Go back to the other tab and watch the slideshow while the Youtube audio plays.

Mr DNA said...

Hey, anon.
Sorry to be a prick but I don't allow comments with links from anonymous posters. I had more than a couple of malware attacks earlier this year, and I don't want our tens of readers to get any nasties from this site.


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