Lock yer bikes, kids!

Friday night. Hangin out at home, avoiding the bars, and cooking a big ol' pot of chili (3 kinds of meat, no beans- natch).
I'm also farting around on the interwebs, poking around on Fixed Gear Gallery reading some stuff, wasting time, really. And there's a discussion about locking your bike. Bozeman's not really a hotbed of bike theft (unless you don't lock your bike and leave it on Main on a friday night) but bikes do occasionally get stolen.
A convenient method of securing my bike has been Sheldon's method. You lock the wheel inside the rear triangle to a slender immovable object. This is handy for those of us who use small pocket-sized u-locks, as it is impossible to remove the rear wheel from the frame in this manner.

Well, unless a well-prepared thief happens to have a hacksaw and does not value your wheel. How long was that? 25 seconds?

Remember, there's no thief-proof lock, and if someone wants your bike, they're going to get it. Make it a bit more difficult for them by using a good lock, locking wheel and frame together, and locking your bike in a heavily traveled, well-lit area (although with passers-by being nonconfrontational that might not matter).


tjdzor said...

Well geez the bike was locked with a C-clamp, coulda been stolen even quicker and w/o damage! Oh but yes, if somebody really wants to get it, they will.

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