New Rockysprints Schedule

Last night I dropped by 317 to discuss Sprints. As you may know, we've been having significantly fewer people show up than last year. Part of the problem, I suspect, is that Monday night is not when people like to go to a bar- and I can't blame them.
So Ryan and I discussed two things- moving Sprints to Sunday afternoons and having only four days in which we have Sprints.

So far, the dates for Rockysprints at 317 are April 5th and 19th and May 3rd and 17th. Times are looking like they'll go from 3in the afternoon til 7 in the evening. I'd love to get a good crowd, these events are most fun with at least 30 people.

So Sunday, April 5th show up at 317 at 3pm. Go for a good ride in the morning so you feel like you've earned some fun, if you must.



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