Sprints on hold.

Hey all. Tonight after work I'm going to be trying to talk to the fine folks at 317 to see about switching up what day we have Rockysprints. We've been getting only about 10-12 people a week to ride, and the last time there were only three. Including me.
I'm going to be shooting for Sunday afternoons, probably from 3 through 7. Leave a comment if you like this idea or not. I'll post here when something is figured out.



adam k said...

I dig.

tjdzor said...

Personally i tend to be stuck working most sundays til 7 or 8....but then again my sched changes all the time.

Off topic, but any plans for an alleycat or starting polo in the near future?

samh said...

There's an Alleycat tonight. It starts and ends at your Mom's house.

birdiebizzle said...

yeah motanana-alleycat !!
yeah sprints on sunday !!

john said...

It's a good idea. Some people who have regular jobs who would otherwise go don't feel like going to a bar at 9pm on Monday

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