Pre-Swap Special!

This weekend the Gallatin Valley Bike Club is holding their annual Bike Swap at the fairgrounds. You can drop off bikes on Friday night and if you're looking to buy show up on Saturday morning. If you're a GVBC member you get in an hour before the rest of the unwashed masses. It costs $10 to join. Seems worth it to me.

Anyway, the point of this post. I have a small apartment. I share this apartment with seven bikes (honestly, the best roommates I've yet had). I'd like a bit more room so I've decided to bring the bike I ride the least to the swap- my Cannondale Cyclocross bike. This sassy little number is all hot to trot in her sultry red paint and Avid BB7 disc brakes. I've enhanced the already stellar braking by bumping the front rotor to a 7". Like any hot-blooded trailer park princess this baby's fast and has no problems letting everyone know it. She's got a Girl-Next-Door charm to her with Tiagra drivetrain but a hint of foreign mystique emanates from her Velocity Deep-Vs. Between her unyielding frame and Specialized Houffalize tires she'll run you ragged and begging for more. Oh yeah. This honey's well-proportioned with her 54cm seat tube, 55cm top tube, and 120mm stem.

All this, and I'm asking $1000. It goes to the swap at $1100. If you're interested in an unrelentingly fast 'cross specific bike (none of this 'freeroad' crap here) and you're about 5'7" to about 5'11" shoot me an email. It's at the shop until 6pm tomorrow night. I'd say it's got about 500-600 miles on it.



Singletrack Mind said...

By all rights that bike is now property of the Bozeman Bike Kitchen!! I expect prompt delivery!

Anonymous said...

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samh said...

Interesting use of punctuation, Anonymous.

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