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This guy seems to think bikes don't belong on the road. The comments are amusing since he is pretty much being berated up one side and down the other.

You can send this asshat an email at

I have no words for this level of stupidity.



Stevo Kinevo said...


"Black 1965 Schwinn World. That's one of the bikes I ride - and if you're driving a Black 2001 Saturn SC2 and choosing your favorite Miley Cyrus song on your ipod and not paying attention to the fucking road, you better hope YOU'RE wearing the helmet, because I'm going to Nolan Ryan my U-lock through your drivers window at your strip mall preppie haircut.

And it will be entirely intentional. Wouldn't be the first time either.

But it's a good thing for the both of us I live in Montana.

That "bicyclist on the road not in a bike path" could be your grandmother crossing the street.

Kindly Fuck you."

...Then I added my Full name and personal phone number.

tjdzor said...

Colman, Zachary Alec
Local: 248-563-9744

samh said...

I emailed him last week as well as posted a comment to the blog.

By the time I read the article it had only been posted for a few hours but there were EIGHTY PAGES of comments - and I have a huge computer monitor so one could say there may have been HUNDREDS OF PAGES of comments.

It doesn't help when bikesnobNYC points out how much of an idiot you are. It's especially awesome when bikesnobNYC puts your email address on public display for his tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of readers to see.

adam k said...

I for some reason still think it might be the worlds worst attempt at sarcasam. Its hard to think people can be that self involved, but I am often wrong.

Bill said...

WOW ... is this kid for real?

Stevo Kinevo said...

I kinda agree with Adam. If he didn't have the picture of himself - who appears to very possibly belong to the Saturn fanclub and someone who pays closer attention to what he is doing while driving rather than actually driving, I would think that he was trying to do was put us unto the empty space between the ears of what is unfortunately the majority of drivers in this country. But I think he is probably just a close minded little bitch :) Wow, that was an impressive run-on sentence.

samh said...

Spend ten minutes googling around as there's a couple other articles now written ABOUT Mr. Coleman. Someone has even setup a account in his name and posted the same article but with a much more interesting title.

Stevo Kinevo said...

...I almost feel bad for the fuck.

Singletrack Mind said...

I would feel bad, but I don't. Especially not after nearly getting taken out by a jeep yesterday.

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