alt.Omnium Update

OK, so here's where we're at. I'm working (and can't escape) Saturday. I also am having a hard time finding someone who is willing to run the alleycat that day. So I am moving it to Sunday. Meet at International Coffee Traders on South 10th (by campus) at 1:30 on Sunday. Cost is $10. Yes, that's a bit steep but there's no prizes- just cash. And I'd like to be able to give something to more than just the winner. We'll have a few beers and we'll round out the day with some polo at the Hawthorne school, say around 5pm.
Don't forget about the Main Street Sprints tomorrow night! They start at 6 and will be going from Grand to Black. Get down there early, get a drink from the Crystal, and get yerself a good spot from which to heckle.



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