Redundancy Alleycat Race Report

Thanks to the thirty hardcore cyclists who showed up at Bogert Park in the middle of a torrential downpour to ride wet streets, muddy trails, avoid (or partake in) physical altercations with a transient, summit the shit out of multiple fake rocks, go to the ends of the earth (or at least the end of our humble little burg), and then finish it all up by drinking cans of Miller High Life beer while soaking wet.

Redundancy Alleycat 2009 ManifestA number of the requirements on the manifest involved riders taking photos of various elements around town with the purpose of them being voted on after the ride by a couple of the event sponsors (Stevil of "All Hail the Black Market", John F. of "Chunkstyle", and Pete of "M.O.R.B.I.D." and maybe local bicycling non-celebrity or two such as Sethanol. Five people submitted photos that had about thirteen people in them so rather than vote on anything I'll just post 'em up for people to enjoy and if any of the photos get a bunch of comments I'll give them a prize (I haven't actually received the prize I want to give away yet no thanks to 685... I should really contact him and tell him to send that to me).

To view the photos in full-resolution, visit the collection of photos on Flickr:

Redundancy Alleycat Photos

Comment away on ones you like. A few of them are worthy of posting here for one reason or another - reasons I've stated in their captions.

All Hail the Black Market Photo Contest
Tom getting his photo taken withe the AHTBM sign as required in the manifest just before getting punched in the neck by the transient dude who happened to live at this alleycat stop. Doh.

Graffiti Photo
Instructions at one of the stops included the words "...Keep in mind that Stevil [a judge] is a dirty fuck so no amount of lewdness will offend him. Middle fingers, bare asses, and beers represent, mofos!" so why not take it seriouly? They took it seriously elsewhere also - - check the photo gallery for that ravishing pic.

Anytime there's blood let during an event that supposed to be fun is awesome.

Miller High Life
Why is this a good photo? It has High Life in it, obviously.

Dan and RedunDANt - Butter is not a Snack
If there was or is going to be a photo contest I think this entry by Liz should win based simply on the fact that is completely and totally for the win.


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