Rolling Thunder

This Saturday I partook in my second cyclocross event of the season. The weather had called for a high of 50 with 70 percent chance of rain and wind gusts as high as 30 mph. Luckily the wind was the only negative part of that forecast that became a reality. Though this was only my second cyclocross race, I don't have many different race stories to compare it too, however, I had my best start EVER this Saturday. Right off the line was dodging racers like NYC cabs and managed to work my way to 8th going into the first turn and remained so after the hurdles. Though all that changed when I found myself flipping over the bars after getting forced into a bad transition at the bottom of a super steep berm. The rest of the field, that included 50 riders total, caught up and passed me as I regrouped myself on the ground. For the rest of the race another rider and I battled it out until the last lap, finishing just a wheels length behind him. They only posted the top 20 positions, so I figured by the number of people still on the course when I had finished and number of riders that finished ahead of me that I probably took about 36 or 37th.
Here are some pictures of pain/game face
Thanks Mom.

Sometimes yah just gotta let it all out.

Thanks to my mom and stepdad for coming out to visit this weekend and driving all the way to Missoula with me for the race.


Bikebuff said...

Nice work man! Rolling Thunder is sweet, I was bummed to have missed it. It was cool to read your account of the race. Keep up the good work!

Singletrack Mind said...

A hammerfest the day after a hammerfest? Burly.

samh said...

Two races, one weekend. ROCK! I heard one or two other alleycat'ers were in 'zoula for this Xcross also. Way to go.

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