Tony Kornhieser seems to have a bit of a bone to pick with cyclists in the DC area. Of course, its hard to not feel upset when you listen to him encouraging drivers to, "run them down", but I believe it is important to maintain a cool head and remember that people like him will probably never touch a bike. I would not call him an ignorant person. I believe that most of the things that he said were because his "YES" men were lapping up every word and begging for more. However, if he really does entertain the idea of giving cyclists that are in his way a "tap" every now and again, I think that he might need a stern talking to. Hmm, who would we want administering this verbal spanking? Oh wait! I know! Lance-the pantz- Armstrong! Seems the Texan caught wind of the talk show broadcast and gave Tony a call. Lance's twitter says that he was very sorry, and Lance is now scheduled to come on the show and talk with him. It will be interesting to hear what is discussed. Personally, I would hope for more of a friendly debate between the two. Unfortunately, I think that Tony's apology has already set him up for about 20 min of groveling. See what you think:
Seen at Prolly's joint.


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