RAPHA : Epicly OOPS...

If you have ever sold a kidney or your body on the street for some RAPHA gear then you know its usually worth it! The pieces of cycling clothing I own from them are pretty awesome. However, while perusing their online catalog/updating my rolodex of black market organ traders, I noticed a small problem with RAPHA's Country Jersey line. This line of jerseys is designed to pay homage to some of the greatest cycling oriented countries in the world; Italy, France, Belgium, and Britain. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a snafu regarding the Italian and French jerseys. With each jersey the national flag is embroidered on the left arm, only the Italian tricolore seems to be upside down and the French flag is actually the colors of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. OOPS. What gives? They got it right last year. Oh well, I suppose that everyone makes mistakes. However, I do think that some mistakes should lower the price of things about 100 bones or so. Good news if you are a fan of GB or can't get enough Belgian cobblestones smothered in cow poo, your jerseys are spot on!


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