Fixie Sixty (2) Route Map

Readers of The Bozeman Fix blog are privy to a little pre-race beta for this weekend's Fixie Sixty (2) race. Below is a map, elevation profile, and statistical breakdown of the race course. Also available is an interactive version viewable as a Google map.

The race will follow a closed format meaning that riders will be expected to ride the route as mapped below.  In order to limit shortcuts there will be a series of stops and/or tasks along the way. 

The race will begin after everyone has had a chance to congregate, drink coffee, and visit on Saturday morning.  Please bring a coffee mug to avoid using a paper cup.  We'll have a place to stash them along with a change of clothing for you while you're out racing.  We look forward to seeing and riding with you come Saturday morning!

Fixie Sixty (2) Fixed Gear Bicycle Race
9:30am, Saturday, September 25th, 2010
Rockford Coffee; Bozeman, Montana

For a more detailed look at the course view the interactive Google mapping of the race route.

Course Elevation Profile

Course Details


Ty said...

If you really wanted some fun you should of gone over flathead pass.

samh said...

You're not even gonna be there so you can just shut it.

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