Mulecross Cyclocross 2010

Bozeman's Team Muleterro threw down a superb cyclocross event for the second year in a row October 30th, 2010.  Mulecross 2010 was a well-run event on a well-designed course.  This wasn't a boring European course but rather a stellar mix of traditional 'cross elements and some creative obstacles like the "Mule Pie", "The Blender", and a pump-track section.  

The Bozeman Fix shenanigans crew was on hand to catch the event on video and a couple of us even (*gasp*) rode bikes in the event.  Taylor and samh got jiggy on cargo bikes, Jon Dub pedaled his single speed 'til he puked, and "Not Andrew" got "Not Clothed". 

Mulecross Cyclocross 2010 from samh on Vimeo.


wotboy said...

Who's the freak 'round 3:39?

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