Top 10 [Hilarious] Winter Riding Tips

The following article is a re-post from

Reed’s Top 10 Winter Riding Tips

These tips are from 1999, but are still as irreverant as they were last century. From a former employee of Quality Bicycle Products who currently works for HED Wheels.  New for ‘1999!

10. Use a bike that has a fork on it.
9. Always put some air in your tires, but not too much.
8. Always look where you’re going, except when looking behind you.
7. Tequila looks like St. Paul tap water, but doesn’t freeze!
6. Dress in layers… of clothing, ketchup and mustard or shaving cream are too slippery.
5. GET ON THE SIDEWALK! GET A CAR!! (oops, those are OTHER PEOPLE’s suggestions)
4. Plan ahead. its too hard to plan backwards.
3. Make sure that when seated comfortably on your bike, that it’s rubber side is down.
2. Color Anodized parts reflect fewer bands of light than silver, so they stay warmer.
1. Never ignore a liquor store.


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