Bozeman Bicycle Counts - 2011

Bozeman is conducting it's first annual bicycle count this week! Many Bozemanites have noticed more bikes on our roads, but until we have hard numbers, this is just an observations and won't help make the case for building more bicycle facilities. The City found that when they installed bike lanes and sidewalks on West Babcock Street in 2006, bicycle and pedestrian numbers went up 256 percent immediately! This is a powerful and convincing statistic, but until now, it's all we have. 

We will be following the methodology developed by the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project and conducting our counts September 13th-15th from 5-7pm. If you can help us count, please click on the following link to provide your name and email to one of the locations and time periods. If you can do multiple days from the same location, this will improve our consistency in data gathering. Click here to access sign-up sheet.

When you sign-up, we will send you customized count forms and instructions to print and take with you. 
Thanks for helping to make Bozeman a better bicycle town!

Joe Gilpin
Alta Planning + Design


Bozeman Realtor said...

Being cautious of bikers on the road is a big deal in Bozeman. Thanks for making this a priority. Saw your post while searching on information around town. Thanks! Hope you get your hard numbers to make Bozeman better at this.

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