Hunter Weeks' latest project - Where The Yellowstone Goes

Local filmmaker Hunter Weeks, the director of the award winning Ride The Divide, has a new Montana themed project in the works. It is titled Where The Yellowstone Goes.

About the film:

Where the Yellowstone Goes follows a small crew on a soul-searching and inspirational journey along the longest free-flowing river in the contiguous United States: the Yellowstone River. They’ll rally together the supplies they need, including a hand built drift boat and set course on a voyage of grand proportions and life defining events. Experience silhouetted moments of the crew fly fishing in the amber morning light, telling life stories by a fire and connecting with colorful folks along the way. Add to this the unending sounds and sights of a massive water flow, flanked on each side by huge, snow-capped mountains and plains full of elk and deer, bald eagles and the occasional grizzly bear. This is Montana, this is the Yellowstone River and this is one of the most spectacular and unique landscapes in the world.

Mr. Weeks is seeking $1.00 donations to support his latest project, which showcases our beautiful state.


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