Ok- I reallyreallyREALLY want to play bike polo this the point where I'm about to go get a #1 soccer ball to play on grass, a la Chicago or SF. But I'd rather play on hard, unforgiving pavement or concrete. So this shot is of the parking lot for the dog park and baseball fields on Highland Blvd. There's lights, I saw some pylons nearby, and it's fairly level. So who'sin for polo here on the 24th? Let me know.
I've also started to make my way through to the people I need to talk to in the city to get explicit permission to use public property after dark during the week. If I am successful at this, it will open up the very real and probable outcome of having a bike polo invitational here in Bozeman. Good things are coming, just hang in there.
Also, I just rode by the basketball court on campus, just south of the corner of 11th and College. There are a few lights surrounding it (ok....2), it's 80% walled and fenced in, and it's level. The downside is I'm SURE we will get kicked outta there before long. But I'm game for giving it a go.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


dallas said...

i'm in, i work until 8 but let me know where we are playing

Jesse Therien said...

The b ball court on 11th is close enough to ride to and from for me at least. There are other places like the parking lot behind albertsons, or even out in front, but i'm not sure about lighting.

I'd prefer 11th... that's my two cents.

Mr DNA said...

The light at the BBall court is less than fantastic, but with a full moon, it just might work this week.

PR said...

I'm a polo newbie, but would love to play. I live in Butte, although I'm in Bozeman every once in a while. I'll watch this blog to see if you plan on playing. Also, there are a couple possible places to play here... I'm heading for the garage to put together a polo bike and maybe make myself a mallet.

Mr DNA said...

pr, that's awesome. And definitely a good idea on the dedicated polo bike. For what it's worth, most of us are running fixed mountain bikes with pretty low gearing- on the order of 32x20 or lower.
We have been playing every Wednesday night, weather allowing. Check out for the most (sort of) up to date info on what we're doing.

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