Yeah, Billings!

Two Questions:
1. Who's in?
2. Who's driving?

Billings Ironcan Bicycle race 10/20/2007 6pm Swords Park parking lot (corner of 27th and airport).
15 miles 8 beers open road bicycle race. Can you handle the ironcan? To enter simply show up and bring 8 beers, 4 tall cans or bombers (to be drank by you).Fixed gears, single speeds, and cruisers highly encouraged. Let the journey begin.


rando cowrissian said...

I really want to, I'm scheduled to "work", tho, wi;ll see if I can get outta it, if so, can drive the pick up. Would give me a chance to check in on an upcoming Bozeman alley-cat sponsor who is also my sister.

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