A new steed

There comes a time in every man's life when his thoughts turn to fancy. Fancy new bikes that is. My new hot and fancy bike is a Redline Monocog 29r. I bought a frame on closeout for a song and built it up as a fixie/SS commuter. I know that it kind of looks like a hybrid. So what? I wanted clearance for studded tires and fenders so the 29 frame made sense. It has ample clearance for both. The wheels are Salsa Delgado 29rs on Deore 9sp disc hubs. One brake, a Juicy 5 w/ 185 rotor to shut her down. Stanley at SJ Customs built me a 19t cog machined to bolt on to a ISO 6bolt hub. Thanks Stan! The final gearing is 36/19 and the final gear inch is 51.2 . It makes for a nice all round speed for easy riding in a wind or in snow, especially once the studs go on.


Seth said...

In honor of Capt'n E, I hereby christen this new (and swanky) ride:

"The Delta G"

dallas said...

put some fatties on that beast and go mountain biking!!!

Snakebite said...


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