Bicycle Eclectic Feb 15th.

Here's a little something coming up next month. On the 15th of February at the Emerson there's going to be a gallery event. There's a traveling photo display featuring shots from Greg Siple from Adventure Cycling, and he'll be there talking about his travels. They're also taking submissions to display five interesting/eclectic/weird/funny bikes in the Jessie Wilber gallery for a month and a half. Send them a pic of your bike if you think it's good enough.
Click on this link.
4:30 PM Friday, Feb 15th. The ballroom will be open, so you can bring your bikes inside during the social hour before the actual opening. There will also be beer. Maybe wine, too.
See ya there.


Anonymous said...

whats the deal with cycling and achohol culture being realated. it kinda alienates the younger generation.

Mr DNA said...

Maybe it has something to do with alcohol playing a significant role in our culture. It's like saying, "What's the deal with bowling and alcohol" or " What's the deal with baseball and alcohol".

Be yourself, don't let it bother you. I was a bike geek long before I started drinking, nothing alienated me.

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