My Dream

No, my dream is not (merely) attractive ladies on bikes. Trust me, it goes a bit deeper than that.
I've been an avid cyclist for something like 17 years, more than half my life. I've got fixed gear bikes, single speed mountain bikes, a dedicated bike polo bike, a cyclocross bike, soon a 5"travel mountain bike, and Xtracycle. I love bikes, they're my passion (shared with food and beer) and there are few things I love more than sharing this passion with others. For example, my favorite mountain bike ride I can think of is a short 3 mile ride that takes two hours because I am bringing someone along for the first time. I like to think my passion for riding is contagious.
But what would make me happiest is not making more people into cyclists, it's simply getting more people on bikes. Normal people, who just want to get to work without wasting money on gas. People who know there are better ways to save the earth than by buying carbon credits, or by buying a Prius. Earnest folks who do what is within their immediate capacity to pull their own weight.
And that is what I like about this blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Yes, it's a bit voyeuristic. But it gives a glimpse of my dream: A culture with citizens who ride bikes who aren't cyclists.


Singletrack Mind said...

Ahh "Chic" as in fasionable...but a little play on words, because it's all pictures of "chicks". See much like your post, it's a little questionable as to depth at first, but then one realizes that it was one's own shallowness at not seeing the inherent depth . This might be getting to meta...

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